Mary Carrero – 6 months ago

I was referred to Dr. Bennett by a longtime friend. I had a previous chiropractor for 20 odd years but found myself in need of finding another one that I could go to when I felt the need. Many chiropractors require you to see them several times a week which I will not submit to. I need one who will see me when I feel I need an adjustment. Dr. Bennett seems to be that type of chiropractor. I have only gone once, thus the 4 star rating. I don’t feel I have seen him enough to warrant a 5 star just yet.
I will say that he was very thorough and did explain everything as others have mentioned. I like to be well informed. He also gave me a great adjustment, which I appreciated as well. I was also pleased to see him take the time to utilize different modalities to assist with my current needs. I will definitely be going back! Making the appointment and checkout after appointment were a breeze.

David Carrero – 6 months ago
I thought my first visit was fantastic. Dr Bennett was very friendly and informative. He educated me on several areas, such as body, bones and muscles, etc. I would recommend him to anyone. my wait was very short in the clean waiting. also his office staff was just as friendly.

Christopher Peterson – 6 months ago
Super chiropractor. Given me much needed relief. Very kind. Very caring. I also go by how I hear him talking to his other patients, and nothing but super kind and professional. Works with me on cost. Also less cost per appointment than other chiropractors. Massage therapist Kayla,,,,,,,,,,,exceptional massage,,and an extension of Dr. Bennett generous, kind caring personality. I see why hired her outself outside of her massage skills. Chris Peterson in Alt. Springs

Brittany Herrmann – a year ago
Dr. Bennett was amazing. This was my first visit to a chiropractor and I was nervous. I was also in a lot of pain. Dr. Bennett took the time to explain exactly what he was doing, which parts of my body were affected, and even explained an exercise regiment that would help me heal. He took an experience that in my mind could have been awkward and turned it into a very comfortable atmosphere. I would definitely recommend him to everyone!!! Thank you Dr. Bennett!!!

Michael Collier – a year ago
I have been coming to Dr. Bennett for over 20 years. What I really like about David vs other chiropractors is that he never tells me that I need to come in three times a week.

He makes a good adjustment and treatment then tells me, let me know if you have any other
issues. Never rushed and always takes the time to talk to me about my injury.

If you want someone that really cares and will treat you professionally, please see Dr. Bennett.

MICHAEL TAYLOR – a year ago
Best chiropractor i’ve used always takes time to explain procedure. I have recommended him to many friends and family all have loved and continued as his patient. He is not the fear mongering scheduling you to 100 return visits type chiropractor. Usually adjusts and says come back when you need it . Really appreciate his services .

Richard Meyers – a year ago
Dr. Bennett is absolutely the best chiropractor I have ever visited. He is very caring and willing to work with me in that I am a unique case. Don’t know what I’d do without him. Everyone I have sent there has been very happy.

Mark Conway – a year ago
I’ve been using Dr. Bennett now for several years after a friend recommended him to me. I’ve been totally impressed with him. He provides exceptional care. Since that time I’ve recommended him to many of my friends, family, and co-workers. If you are somewhat skeptical about using a Chiropractor give Dr. Bennett a try. You won’t regret it.

Steven Kemp – 10 months ago
I’ve always been skeptical about going to a chiropractor but my experience here was outstanding. He walked me through each step before doing it and most of my pain is gone after just one session.

Yasmine Rivera – 2 years ago
I went in a couple days ago with really bad TMJ could barely open my mouth and was tense all over my upper body. In less than an hour all the pain was gone and within two days I have full control of my mouth again. He is incredible and was very good about explaining his method and what he was doing. When I left I was given a TENS unit that has been helping out immensely. I will be going back and I recommend him highly.

Katie Gething. – a year ago
I’ve been seeing Dr. Bennet for almost four years and he has by far been the best chiropractor I’ve ever seen! Due to a car accident that led to back surgery as a teenager, I’ve seen my far share of chiropractors over the years but I’ve always been told that I have to go back multiple times a week/month to “get better”. Dr. Bennet isn’t like the other chiropractors I’ve seen–he actually wants you to get better and see you LESS often! Since I’ve started to see him, I’m no longer going back weekly or monthly but instead every few months because of his treatment. He’s willing to work with your schedule and he adjusts his treatment depending on your comfort level.He’s also respectful of your time and I can typically get in and out on a lunch break with very minimal waiting. I’ve recommended numerous people over the years and many were very nervous and afraid to see a chiropractor but pleasantly surprised at the experience. I highly recommend you visiting Dr. Bennet if you have any back related pain and he will work with you to help you onto the road of recovery!

Stok RoC – a year ago
Awesome… with his knowledge and treatments, i have always walked out of his office feeling like a new man. I never feel rushed and he makes the experience pleasureable.

Jennifer Thomas – 3 years ago
Dr. David Bennett is truly amazing! He took the time to explain to a very nervous and hesitant patient all the steps that he would do before completing a task. If I wasn’t ready to do some of the treatments, he allowed me to call the shots. He was very thorough and friendly which made me feel at ease in his office. He is always on time! I never have to wait more than 5-10 minutes unless I get there extremely early. He gave me a combination of Electro and Ultra sound therapy along with spinal manipulation and readjustment and I feel like a whole new person. I reccommend him 110 percent!