Your 1st Visit

Brief Paperwork:

Our paperwork is pertinent and thorough, but kept as brief as possible. To save time, you may want to download and complete our New Patient Case History and bring it with you.


To determine whether you are in the right place, it’s our policy to consult with you, free of charge – to determine if and how we may help you. The doctor will go over your health-related problems and concerns, and share with you all possible treatment options. Again, there is no charge for this initial consult. Call (407) 660-1200 now for an appointment.

Physical History and Exam:

To determine your unique problem, you will be asked various questions, some of which may not, at first, appear relevant to your complaint. We need to be as thorough as possible. The answers to these questions will help us prepare the necessary orthopedic and neurologic work-up. Depending on your response, your treatment may begin right away. In more complicated matters, further testing, such as x-rays may be needed before treatment can begin.

X-ray Studies:

Not every condition requires the taking of x-rays. If you have prior (but recent) x-rays, we can often rely on those to further formulate a diagnosis. If it’s determined films are necessary, several options will be discussed to mitigate any delay and expense of taking films.

Immediate Treatment:

As stated, our goal is to offer treatment on your first visit. After all, that is why you came to us! Your first treatment may include both spinal manipulation and physical therapy – depending on your condition. You will be informed of any risks related to treatment, the anticipated response to treatment, and those outcomes we expect from your treatment.

Tens unit included in the price of your new patient exam:

All new patients receive a TENS unit included in the price of your 1st exam. We know pain can flair up at the most inopportune times. Owning a TENS (Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation) unit can really come in handy. These little pain control devices can be used on a variety of pain conditions and are easy to operate. At the time of your first visit, your personal TENS unit will be dispensed to you, with instructions.