Sports Rehabilitation

Sports Rehab through Chiropractic

Everyone seems to be joining the fitness craze these days. Whether it is a team or individual sport, there may be a weakness in the body that prevents maximum performance. The injury may be as simple as a pulled muscle from exercising. Chiropractic is a practice that promotes a natural way to detect problems, promote a reduction in injuries and offers a non-invasive treatment that improves your quality of life. Since sports (especially extreme sports) are more competitive now, injuries are more frequent. Centers that specialize in sports injuries are being recognized as a great alternative. In addition, almost all professional sports teams offer a chiropractor on staff for the following reasons:

  • It is very safe for low back and/or neck pain.
  • The chiropractic profession extends to the body as a whole.
  • Chiropractic helps mobilize the joints.
  • It is beneficial for stamina and flexibility.
  • Chiropractors rely on the body’s recuperative ability.
  • Some research suggests that chiropractic care leads to a reduction in lower limb strains leading to less time out of the sport.
  • Chiropractic treats long-term nagging pain and not just a specific pain caused by a specific event.
  • Chiropractors treat ankle sprains, tennis elbow, injured knees and shoulders.
  • Chiropractic treatment helps reduce inflammation.
  • Chiropractors assist with range of motion issues and strength.
  • The injured party is able to be treated for spinal joints that have locked up.
  • Chiropractic practice does not believe in “masking” the condition.

The Science Behind Rehabilitation

The nervous system controls the function of organs, tissues and cells in the body. When the vertebra that protect the spine have been compromised in a sporting injury, functions are impaired and you end up with poor health. Often childhood sports injuries have been labeled as growing pains and ignored. A thorough discussion of health history and an exam will bring this to light. This holistic approach to treating (without drugs or surgery) has steadily become accepted for young athletes as well as for those in college and in professional sports.

How long before you feel better? It all depends on the individual and the specific injury. Many patients feel better after one or two visits and some require more treatments.

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