We’ve all had off-days where we just don’t seem to be functioning up to par. Perhaps it’s a night of poor sleep, or a neck cramp. However, when you experience issues consistently, it can be a sign that your body needs a bit of help to get you back to 100%. If you experience any of the below signs on a regular basis, it may benefit you to schedule a visit to a chiropractor.

1. Low Energy Levels

We’ve all experienced some days where we’re more tired than others. However, some people will notice fatigue as more of a chronic state than something that happens when you’re schedule is more packed than usual. When you experience low energy often, this can be a sign that your nervous system is habitually overused. A chiropractor can help to alleviate nerve tension and help to relax your bodily systems, which can in turn bring your energy levels back to normal.

2. Difficulty Sleeping

If you have trouble falling asleep when you lay your head down at night, or you notice that you’re a night owl or have other irregular sleeping patterns, this can be another sign that your nervous system is in overdrive. A good adjustment can help to relieve the extra stress, which in turn sets the stage for your body to get coveted REM sleep, and in turn rejuvenates the body.

3. Your Shoe Soles Wear Differently

This may seem like an odd item for the checklist, but when one shoe wears out faster than the other, it’s a key sign that your body may be out of alignment. The feet play an enormous role in the balance and function of the body, and misalignment is often a good indicator that there’s a subluxation in the spine. A chiropractor can help address this and restore alignment.

4. Frequent Headaches

Headaches can be traced back to a number of causes, such as poor circulation and dehydration – just to scratch the surface. In many cases, a spinal subluxation can be a contributing factor. By addressing any potential subluxations and alignment issues, a chiropractor can help to restore the body to a harmonious balance and ensure proper blood flow. This in turn may help to reduce or alleviate the frequency and intensity of your headaches.

Do you regularly experience any of the above issues? Call us today to schedule a chiropractic consultation and take one step toward better health.