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Massage Therapy. Relieve, Relax, Rejuvenate.

Kayla Wong

License No. MA52575

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Massage Therapy is a method of healing that utilizes human touch to promote relaxation, relief of tension, and a greater level of well-being. There are numerous methods and techniques of massage, ranging from the most gentle to deep, forceful manipulation of muscle groups. Massage is used as a complement to many other forms of healing. Massage Therapy promotes healthy circulation, ease of movement, deep breathing, strong immunity, and mental clarity. Massage lowers stress and anxiety levels, reduces blood pressure, and shortens the healing time of injuries. Massage is an effective way to increase the body’s receptivity to chiropractic alignment. Used before an adjustment to warm and soften tight muscles, and afterward, to encourage the body to accept and retain the treatment.

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NOTE: Most insurance plans cover medical massage as with any physical therapy modality, when medically necessary.

Massage Therapy Gift Card

Nothing stuffs your stockings like a gift card to a professional therapeutic massage. Whether it’s to relieve stress from the holidays or simply relax & unwind, now is the best time to give that special someone exactly what they’ve been hoping for. Choose the $45 option to give a half-hour massage. Give a full one hour therapeutic massage by selecting the $75 gift card option! Order a gift card today and we will have it in the mail within 24 hours!

Choose $45 for 1/2 hour massage, choose $75 for 1 hour massage

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