Is Chiropractic Safe?

Yes, it is!

A common question asked by some, including patients and non-patients alike, is whether this thing called ‘spinal manipulation’ is actually safe.

Well the truth is, manipulation is actually quite safe. Understand however, that all medical procedures carry some risk! The taking of aspirin under the wrong circumstances can be deadly. A drug injection can have damaging effects as well. The point is, every procedure comes with potential risk. It may help to know however, that the art of spinal manipulation goes back thousands of years. Ancient Chinese medicine included spinal manipulation, among other techniques, to treat the body.

The right chiropractor makes a difference

The real potential risk (as with any healthcare discipline) is improperly diagnosing the patient’s condition. You’ve heard of the surgeon who accidentally removes the wrong leg, the E.R. doctor who mistakes chest pain for indigestion during a heart attach, or the family doctor who fails to fully grasp a patient’s multiple drug interaction. In the field of Chiropractic, the most common errors involve failing to appreciate the state of osseous (bony) decay or the degree of degeneration in the spine, eg: the patient with bone cancer, a hidden fracture, or simple osteoporosis. Obviously, a missed diagnosis of this calibre could be potentially dangerous. In reality however, these conditions are extremely rare and often carry a clear enough history that any reasonable and careful doctor would know to screen for them, when appropriate.

Do your research

The best way to feel comfortable with your decision to see a chiropractor is to do at least a cursory investigation into his or her background. You can do this by cimply going to the State of Florida “Look-up a Doctor” link. By typing in the doctor’s name and city, you’ll learn of the doctor’s background, including whether he carries malpractice insurance, has any claims against him/her, or even holds a current license. Also, we invite you to view the video below to review the latest research on the topic of Chiropractic safety.

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