Auto Accident Rehab

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An auto accident and its aftermath represent two of the more stressful moments a person is likely to endure in their lifetime. Recent estimates place the yearly number of car accidents in the US at 5.25 million. This is obviously not an insignificant number, and it speaks to the relatively high likelihood that drivers and passengers will at some point be involved in an accident. As automobile accidents present a very real risk, it is therefore important to understand the correct steps one should take in the direct aftermath in order to ensure personal safety and good health moving forward. Seeking consultation from a chiropractor following an auto accident is a widely recognized practice that can both help alleviate pain caused by the accident, and also address resultant health complications that may arise down the road.

Successful Chiropractic Rehab

Approximately 1 in 3 victims injured in an auto accident visit a chiropractor for an assessment. This is because chiropractors are specifically trained to address soft tissue and spinal injuries, and these are two of the most likely sorts of injuries to arise as a result of an accident. Whiplash is a particularly common injury complaint following a car accident, and one which chiropractic adjustment is particularly good at remedying. In one study involving 190 whiplash victims who received chiropractic adjustment, a 100 percent success rate was reported.

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Because adrenaline is released in the direct aftermath of an accident, victims are often unaware at first of physical injuries that they may have suffered from impact. Adrenaline possesses a natural pain killing component that may mask injuries for days, so although pain and ill-effects from the accident may not be immediately apparent, it’s entirely possible that they will show up even weeks later. Seeking chiropractic evaluation as soon as possible following an accident is thus a good preventative tactic to avoid future complications.

For people who experience vertigo, stiffness, or back and neck pain following an accident, visiting a chiropractor is an intelligent and necessary first step on the road to recovery. A chiropractor will perform a complete evaluation and recommend additional tests such as an X-ray or MRI if deemed necessary.
Furthermore, a chiropractor will submit your medical reports to your insurance company in the event that you need to make a claim. The sooner you see a chiropractor following an auto accident, the sooner you can return to normalcy.